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System Format, Restore Computer


Is your computer / laptop running slow, taking minutes to carry out tasks that should be done in seconds? Does it keep freezing or switching off? If so then a full system format is overdue.

Ideally everyone would like to format (reset a computer to its original factory default settings), however this process can be time consuming.

It is guaranteed to remove all viruses, adware spyware, and any tracking cookies that are watching your browsing habits. Equally rewarding is the fact that your computer will run as efficient as it did from new.

Selling A Used Computer

If you plan to sell your old used computer it may be a good idea to have the system fully formatted for security reasons. After a full format your data and personal files will be fully erased from the disk; this is better than just deleting data through the recycle bin. Although it is possible for a specialised technician to recover some of the information (see my data recovery section), this process is not usually carried out by "joe Bloggs" as it is a lengthy and expensive process and exactly how much data that can be recovered is due to the integrity of the disk.

Create Restore Disks

Not all new computers/laptops come with full restore disks. The manufacturers recommend you create these discs yourself. I personally carry out this service when I am called out to set up a new computer/laptop. These discs as very important as they will be essential if your computer crashes in the future. Please ensure these discs are created promptly after purchase


  • Setup new computers / laptop
  • create restore disks
  • Full system formats


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